Erectile Dysfunction

Take the stress out of sex with the prescription ED treatment that’s right for you.

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Birth Control

Put the control back in birth control and get what you need, when you need it.

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Topical acne cream that works. Request your prescription treatment today.

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Hair Loss

Stop male pattern baldness in its tracks with a prescription hair loss treatment.

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Meet Our Medical Team

Felix is proud to be supported by some of Canada’s leading medical specialists, family physicians, pharmacists, and patient care experts.

Dr. Jonathon Solnik

Head of Gynaecology

Dr. Solnik is an OB/GYN who practices at Mount Sinai and Women’s College Hospital, and is faculty at the University of Toronto. He trained and practiced in the U.S. at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles before being recruited to Canada to help improve gynaecological and surgical care for women.

Dr. Yonah Krakowsky


Dr. Krakowsky is a urologist and sexual medicine physician at Women's College Hospital and Mount Sinai and the Vice Program Director of the urology training program at the University of Toronto. He completed a fellowship in sexual medicine and surgery at Harvard Medical School.

Dr. Kelly Anderson

Family Physician

Dr. Anderson is an emergency medicine and HIV primary care physician. She obtained her speciality training in HIV at St Michael's Hospital in Toronto while pursuing practice-route specialization in emergency medicine. She is passionate about providing high-quality and accessible patient care through telemedicine.

Tracey Phillips

Council for Ontario College of Pharmacists

Previously the VP of Pharmacy for Rexall and President of the Ontario College of Pharmacists, Tracey Phillips is an established leader and pioneer of Pharmacology and a passionate advocate for improved patient care programs.

Roger Daher

Pharmasave Board of Directors

Roger Daher is a widely respected leader in Canadian Pharmacology. An operator of 10 Pharmacies in Ontario, Roger has over 30 years of experience in the Pharmacy industry.

The Bigger Picture

Online prescriptions are about more than convenience. By introducing a new model of care, we’re on a mission to change behaviours, attitudes, and conventions around personal health in Canada.

Beating Avoidance

Some people would rather avoid their issues than talk to a doctor in person or over the phone. By adding a little discretion to the experience, we hope to sidestep the stigmas that prevent people from making their lives better.

Making Way for Others

Getting your meds online isn’t just better for you — it’s better for doctors, clinics, and the broader Canadian healthcare system. Help us alleviate the immense pressure doctors are facing and reduce wait times for those who need in-person attention the most.

Promoting Safe Drug Use

In a single week of 2016, Health Canada seized $2.5 million worth of counterfeit prescription medication at the border, 98% of it claiming to treat sexual health conditions. By making authentic, doctor-prescribed meds available via Felix, we hope to provide a safe and legal alternative to the black market online.

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