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“The” Pill? Which Pill?

Oral contraception, aka “the pill,” is one of the safest, most effective, and most common methods of birth control. We facilitate a selection of the most popular oral contraceptives in Canada.

What Is Birth Control?

Birth control, fertility control, or contraception, refers to a variety of methods and devices used to prevent pregnancy.

One of the most popular forms of birth control is the “combined oral contraceptive pill,” often referred to as the birth control pill or simply “the pill.” Taken orally by women, the pill includes a combination of an estrogen and a progestogen and functions by altering the menstrual cycle to prevent ovulation and pregnancy.

A common alternative is the progestogen-only pill, also known as the progestin-only pill or “mini pill,” to be taken in cases where estrogen is inadvisable.


Combined oral contraceptive pills are designed to be taken every day, at the same time of day, usually over a 28-day cycle: for the first 21 days, users take a pill that contains the active hormones (estrogen and progestogen) while for the remaining 7 days they do not, such that some packets contain 21 pills while others contain 7 additional placebos. In the case of progestogen-only pills, there are no breaks between packets and pills must be taken within a stricter timeframe every day.

In the case of POPs, there are no breaks between packets and pills must be taken within a stricter timeframe every day.


If used as instructed, the risk of pregnancy is approximately 0.3%. However, typical use is not exact due to timing errors, forgotten pills, or unwanted side effects, with the result that the risk of pregnancy is higher, at approximately 9%.

Important safety information

Our patient care process for Birth Control is overseen by our medical director Dr. Kelly Anderson. Learn more about our growing medical leadership team here.


How effective are birth control pills?

If used exactly as instructed, birth control pills are approximately 99.7% effective. However, due to timing errors, forgotten pills, etc. typical use is not exact, with the result that birth control pills are closer to 91% effective.

Needless to say, the better you are about taking your pill at the same time every day and not missing doses, the better the pill will work!

Can I get a refill of my existing birth control prescription?

Yes! Simply tick the box marked “I already have a prescription” during your application and add your prescription details in the questions that follow. You will not be required to complete a medical assessment until your prescription expires (we’ll give you a heads-up beforehand)..

Do you offer alternative forms of birth control?

Currently, Felix only offers oral birth control options, however we will be expanding our offering soon. Get on our maillist to stay in the loop.

I don’t know which contraceptive I want.

No problem. The doctor or nurse practitioner who reviews your assessment will recommend a prescription that works best for you.

Am I covered by my insurance?

Currently, telemedicine appointments are not covered in Ontario, so you will be charged a one-time $40 medical consultation fee for your assessment by a healthcare practitioner. Fortunately, the resulting prescription is good for 12 months, and the cost of your actual medication and fill fee are covered in accordance with your private insurance plan. 

Birth control is covered for all women with OHIP aged 24 and under. If this applies to you, you will be asked to enter your OHIP number during your Felix account setup and your medication will be free.

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